Different Box Packaging Shapes

Custom Packaging

Give your product a fully one-of-a-kind, unforgettable design.

The shelves of retailers are filled with hundreds of different cannabis brands. Does yours stand out from the rest, or contribute to the noise?

Our custom process builds your cannabis package design from the ground up, starting with a unique carton or container. The result is a package that customers want to hold onto, even long after the product is gone!

Label Design

A streamlined approach to a jaw-dropping package.

Labels come in all shapes and sizes, enhancing the customer experience through subtle details and a well-planned design.

Whether you’ve already chosen a container, need to keep costs down, or your retailers require in-store product packaging, our custom cannabis label designs turn ordinary packages into extraordinary works of art.

Product Label on Bottle


Get started on your package & labeling now!

Cannabis Packaging Warning Label

100% Industry Compliant

Adhere to every cannabis packaging regulation- and look great doing it.

Cannabis companies are required to cover a lot of bases when it comes to packaging, and the rules are always subject to change.

Since business owners don’t have the time to worry about every little detail, we stay up-to-date on cannabis packaging regulations so you don’t have to.

Big changes are coming to the Oregon cannabis industry on October 1st, the state’s first year anniversary of recreational sales. They will effect nearly every business in one way or another- so if you haven’t already started planning for them, now is the time! Industry-Wide......

Good design and solid branding are essential for every business, but this is especially true when it comes to products on retail shelves. In order for a product to really sell, it’s important that its packaging captures the attention of buyers. Of course, since your package is also......

The cannabis industry has come a long way in the last few years. These days, simply handing off your product in an unmarked baggie just doesn’t cut it. Legal reasons aside, your packaging needs to do a lot more marketing legwork than that! With so......