Gron Chocolate Cannabis Edibles Display

The Best of The Summer Fair 2016

Sunday’s Summer Fair was a big step forward for the Oregon cannabis industry.

Gron Chocolate Edible Samples

Samples of grön chocolate at The Summer Fair 2016

Cannabis enthusiasts had the opportunity to gather in an expo-like setting, where they were able to meet businesses and farms, consume publicly and even receive free samples.

As such, exhibitors jumped at the chance to represent the cannabis industry in a positive light. And if you weren’t already convinced at the strides this industry has made, the professionalism shown at The Summer Fair proves that businesses are pushing full-force to be taken seriously as a responsible industry.


Marketing Highlights from The Summer Fair

It’s clear that cannabis companies have begun to embrace the need for quality marketing, so I would like to compliment The Summer Fair’s exhibitors on doing just that!

From well-designed booths and merchandise, to great coupons and giveaways, the Oregon market is clearly stepping up their game. Here are some key marketing takeaways worth keeping in mind for your business’s next cannabis consumer event:

Outstanding Booth Design: Eco Firma Farms

Eco Firma Farms W

Built entirely from wood, the Eco Firma booth couldn’t have been easy to design, build, or set up! But it looked beautiful, and its unique design made it a clear standout in the minds (and memories) of attendees.

Unique Product Displays: 7 Points Oregon


Wood is a trendy aesthetic in the cannabis industry, which only makes sense with their ties to nature! 7 Points Oregon took it a few steps further with gorgeous, custom carved wood jar toppers that really set the tone for its entire brand.


Honorable Mention: High Noon Cultivation


By displaying their flower in a variety of unique glass cannisters, High Noon was able to create a sleek, memorable booth design that upgraded the standard glass jar display and supported the New Age feel of their brand design, all without breaking the bank.

Awesome Cannabis Samples: Shango Cannabis


Events are not the time to be stingy. The more samples and freebies you can give to consumers, the more impressed people will feel about your company! The local dispensary Shango Cannabis won the day in that respect, offering samples of flower, shatter, AND edibles with multiple options of each that guests could choose from.

Desirable Merchandise: Oregrown


Putting good design and practicality first, Bend’s cannabis dispensary Oregrown offered a huge variety of pens, t-shirts, mugs, stickers, and much more. If the eye-catching cannabis merchandise wasn’t enough, they even offered guests a spinning wheel for the chance to take home one of the items for free!

The merchandise selection, along with the free game, made Oregon one of the most popular stops at the fair.


Honorable Mention: Self Made


These guys obviously know their brand, and understand what their market wants. Although they had a smaller selection than Oregrown, Self Made did such a fantastic job with their merch that I heard a ton of compliments just in the few minutes I was at their booth!

The lesson? That targeting the right audience is just as important as having a large selection.


Valuable Information: Half Baked Labs


Half of the struggle with consumer events is what to talk about. Some cannabis businesses discuss their product, others their process, and some choose to print brochures to do all that work for them. Half Baked Labs did a great job entertaining their booth guests, by offering tasty samples, invaluable info and interesting visuals without overwhelming them.


Promotional Contests: Shadowbox Farms

Shadowbox Farms Summer Fair Contest

There were a handful of spinning-wheel and raffle contests at The Summer Fair 2016, but very few required visitors to participate outside of the event. Shadowbox Farms did a great job engaging the cannabis community around their marketing efforts, by offering a highly desirable prize and requiring social media participation for the chance to win it.


Bang for your Budget: Pruf Cultivar


For those just starting in the cannabis industry, public events can be intimidating. But Pruf Cultivar showed that you don’t have to be extravagant to be memorable, by sticking to the basics and supporting their brand in simple (but impressive) ways.

Their brand design is gorgeous and their cannabis samples were extraordinary! Despite the minimalist approach, they left a very strong first impression.


Friendly & Helpful Staff: Nectar Cannabis


Nectar has a knack for hiring the friendliest, most relatable budtenders, so I wasn’t surprised to have another great experience this time around. Friendly people really do make all the difference in any kind of networking atmosphere!


Just Do It: Fractal Farm


Until you have several of public networking events under your belt, you’ll never feel “ready” to bring your business to one. Extra kudos goes to Fractal Farms for making The Summer Fair their first-ever public event after years of business. Their cannabis is phenomenal, their team is genuine, and I’m really looking forward to seeing more of them in the future!


Preparing to exhibit at an upcoming event? Read our tips on networking in the cannabis industry to make a strong & lasting impression!

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