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We create interactive brand experiences that resonate globally – and we do it as a team.

Most people are surprised to find out we’re a small agency, especially when they learn we’re 100% in-house. But if there’s one thing our group agrees on, it’s the importance of quality! And we believe the key to quality is in strong personal relationships.

When you work with KindTyme, you work with all of us. We are close friends who share creative ideas in-and-out of the office, and we take pride seeing all of our skills and expertise come together in the work we produce.

Our collaborative style makes sure that all of our team members have a relationship with our brands, so there’s a good chance you’ll meet us all someday!

Bridget Renee

CMO // Brand Strategist

Born and raised on the west coast, Bridget moved to Portland shortly after getting her degree in Film & Business from the University of Oregon.

As the Marketing Director, Bridget manages both our in-house and our partners’ marketing efforts. Her role is to analyze your current brand & marketing performance in order to find new opportunities that help guide our creative projects to success.

“Every business is different, so I love learning the little details about each brand we work with. At this point in the cannabis industry, most businesses have tried a few marketing strategies that lost money – but many haven’t figured out which ones yet. My favorite part of my job is helping identify those weak spots, so I can help build a competitive & efficient strategy that ties in the most creative elements possible.”

KindTyme team photo for Bridget Renee
Bridget Renee shooting for social media at a cannabis farm

Sebastian Dean

3D Artist // Animator

Native to Oregon’s largest city, Sebastian studied design & 3D modeling at the Art Institute of Portland and Portland State University. Coming from a background in game art and design, Sebastian’s primary expertise is in interactive design, website design and 3D art.

Armed with a passion for design and an eye for detail, Sebastian is the creative lead of the KindTyme brand.

“KindTyme is a close family of passionate, professional creatives. It’s a pleasure to come to work every day knowing everyone is putting their best foot forward, and care deeply for each other, our clients, and the work we create together.

One of my favorite things about working with cannabis businesses is helping shape the aesthetics of a new industry and helping new brands tell their story.”

Sebastian Dean creative director
Sebastian Dean shooting video in the Nevada desert

Ryan Michael

Creative Director // Photographer

Ryan lives for all things creative! He’s passionate about helping other entrepreneurs find their voice, tell their story & share their vision with the world. Our resident “Jack of all trades” speaks the many languages of our production team & will guide you through every step of the process!

Since co-founding KINDTYME in 2012 Ryan has overseen operations to help keep KindTyme flowing fast and efficiently.

Born & raised in Detroit, Ryan studied creative writing & audio engineering in Kalamazoo Michigan. He finally relocated to Portland in early 2013 from Brooklyn, New York. His love for advertising, strategy, media & design add up to a career of creating unforgettable brand experiences.

Ryan shoots photos, pitches projects, crunches numbers, & oversees our creative team’s operations.

KindTyme team photo for Ryan Michael
Ryan Michael shooting photography on a cannabis farm
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Our Creative Work

See our highly collaborative team in action!

Scott Alan

Senior Developer

Born in California and raised in Michigan, Scott has always had a passion for figuring out how and why things work. After moving to Oregon in 2009, he found the perfect outlet for his undying curiosity in website development.

As KindTyme’s Lead Developer, Scott combines the visions of our award-winning creative team and focus of our skilled marketing team in order to build interactive web experiences that drive sales and increase brand visibility.

“I love helping hemp & cannabis brands gain traction by merging beautiful design with technical functionality. This industry is still so young and business’s demands are varied, so we get to write the playbook for the digital customer experience in many ways.

It has been amazing to be involved in the cannabis industry as it transforms from the black market mentality into a more business-oriented mindset, and finding clever solutions to all the technical requirements that come with that transition.”

KindTyme team photo for Scott Alan
Scott Alan posing with a vaporizer

Bonnie Leigh

Art Director

Bonnie was born & raised in northern Michigan, and graduated from the Interlochen School of the Arts before heading West to pursue a career in design.

As Lead Designer, Bonnie manages the Design team and has a hand in every project that comes through the door. With a love of interactive art and a specialty in brand identity design, Bonnie brings her passion for a unique customer experience to every project we take on.

“My favorite piece of what I do has to be helping the brands we partner with find and express their own unique voices. It’s been an exciting experience to take on the design challenges of a newer industry head on!

I love being part of a team that’s shaping the cannabis industry’s overall look and feel. Every day we get to help businesses put their best design foot forward.”

Bonnie Leigh lead designer
Sunset cannabis preroll smoking silhouette

Todd Allen

Senior Designer

Growing up in Northern Michigan, Todd holds a life-long passion for art and illustration. After studying design in Kalamazoo, MI, he moved to Portland in 2017 and joined the KindTyme team, where he gets to use his creative abilities to design colorful & artistic branding, packaging and promotional items for the emerging cannabis market.

“It’s fantastic to see how the cannabis industry has grown and evolved in the last couple years. The resourcefulness and resiliency of the people makes it a pleasure to collaborate with these businesses and create brands that can thrive.”

Todd Allen cannabis designer
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Our Services

Combining our range of experience into powerful creative strategies.

Alex Sorcha

Videographer & Animator

Alex has lived in Portland her entire life and graduated from PSU with a degree in film. She spent the first part of her career creating low-budget short films, freelance content, and volunteering at local creative non-profits.

Eager to bring her love of media to the cannabis industry, Alex joined KindTyme in 2018. Since then, she’s enjoyed bringing our clients’ marketing goals to life through video and animation.

“It’s exciting to work with this group of creative professionals, because we are constantly striving to bring our best work to our clients and the cannabis industry as a whole. Every day is a chance to out-do ourselves and bring something new to the table. It feels good to know that the work we’re doing is changing how cannabis is perceived, and is yet another step on the path to legalization.”

Alex Sorcha videography

Lindsay Marie

Marketing Assistant

Hailing from the tip-top of the Michigan mitten, Lindsay followed her heart to Portland Oregon in 2009 where she began her professional animal rescue career. (She still volunteers at OHS on weekends)

Her upbeat & friendly disposition makes her an obvious choice for a front-facing company representative.

“There are so many different ways that cannabis can improve lives, & working in the cannabis industry gives me hope for a better future. The more we gain acceptance, the more humanity will be able to reap those benefits.

There is no better feeling than getting to know genuine people & helping them achieve their goals by marketing their cannabis business. We are on the cusp of a cannabis revolution & KindTyme is at the forefront of the industry.”

Lindsay Marie team member at KindTyme
Lindsay Marie catching fish on the Oregon coast

Nicholas Link

Account Specialist

Born in Northern Michigan, Nicholas studied animation and motion graphics in Kalamazoo, MI. With these skills Nicholas was able to succeed in both freelance & agency roles in major markets such as New York, Los Angeles, and Portland.

A driven & outgoing personality, Nicholas has a passion for helping businesses identify their needs and find creative solutions to meet their goals.

“I’ve always been outgoing and enjoy meeting people. The cannabis industry has allowed me to come in contact with a wide variety of interesting people. People with similar goals and passions regarding cannabis and its many uses.

I’ve been employed in creative industries for the past 15 years. KindTyme has given me the opportunity to work with like-minded individuals while helping lift the stigma surrounding cannabis.”

Considering a Creative Career in Cannabis?

We’d love to see what you can do!

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