Package Design

Give your customers the ultimate product experience

Retail shelves are filled with hundreds of different cannabis brands. Does yours stand out from the rest, or contribute to the noise?

You need a package that not only sells your products, but that your customers will want to hold onto. Let our team build your cannabis package design from the ground up, and discover how truly unique your business can be!

Package designs for Tonic CBD tincture and topicals

Label Design

Tailor your cannabis packaging to your unique needs

Cannabis labels come in all shapes and sizes, and can be used for many purposes.

Whether your labels will brand products directly, or if they’ll be a creative accessory to other packaging, our custom label designs will turn ordinary containers into extraordinary works of art.

Cannabis edible label design with mylar bag

Upgrade Your
Product Experience.

Start your custom packaging & labelling today!

100% Industry Compliant

Child resistant, medical & recreational regulation-friendly packaging solutions

Cannabis companies are required to cover a lot of bases when it comes to packaging, and the rules are always subject to change.

Want to make sure your products are retail-approved? Need help printing the batch info that all marijuana labels require? We stay up-to-date on cannabis packaging regulations, because you don’t have the time to worry about every little detail!

Sweet CO2 oil cartridge packaging

Want more info?

Here’s a breakdown of our package design process:

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