Cannabis Photography - Marijuana Products, Lifestyle Brands & Location
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360° Products

Dazzle customers with full 360° views of everything you offer

Did you know that 70% of Americans are now shopping online? Even if your products are only available in-store, most customers will make buying decisions before ever leaving home based on the cannabis photography they find throughout your website and social media accounts.

Cannabis users love looking at pretty buds & pipes, so this is your opportunity to stand out above the competition with fully interactive, 360 degree product views!

Product Photography

Make optimum sales by highlighting your products’ best qualities

It’s a proven fact: better photography creates better sales. Showcasing items in high-definition, well-lit, and well-positioned images is a sure way to entice customers into wanting to buy them.

Offered with white, black, green-screen or transparent backgrounds, our multi-purpose product photography is perfect for anything you need – from eCommerce stores to print advertisements and much more.

Static Products Small Bud on Cannabis Photography Page of KindTyme Cannabis Marketing

Lifestyle Photography

Artistic shots that communicate your culture and influence emotions

Imagine the lifestyle of your customers. Where are they? What are they doing? How are they dressed? Who are they with? Now turn that vision into a photograph.

Marketing photography transforms products into relatable stories in order to drive an emotional response. We’ll provide the ideas and imagery, you provide the brand!

Marketing Shots Headphones & Bud on Cannabis Photography Page of KindTyme Cannabis Marketing

Business Photography

Bring visitors into a real-life portrayal of your team in action

Sometimes seeing is believing. By offering customers a view of who you are and what you do, you’re instantly welcoming them into your business without ever meeting them!

Whether it’s through team pictures or snapshots of your location, on-site images make every business feel more personal. Invite people to visit, let them take a virtual tour, or even just help them feel more comfortable before giving you a call.

On Location Image of Man Watering on Cannabis Photography Page of KindTyme Cannabis Marketing

Full-Service Packages

All aspects of professional photography in one bundle

  • DSLR photography
  • Lighting & backdrop equipment
  • Professional photo editing
  • Color correction
  • Digital, high-resolution image files
  • Royalty-free limited use license


  • Models and props
  • Product preparation
  • Distance travel
Full Service Section Studio Image on Cannabis Photography Page of KindTyme Cannabis Marketing

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