Social Strategy

Using research to set goals and objectives for optimum results

Every social platform requires its own unique approach. Unless you have a clear direction on social media, you can spend countless hours and never see any real results!

By applying experience to in-depth research, we create defined strategies for all aspects of your social campaigns before they even begin. From content and hashtags to full-profile backups, we’ve got you covered.

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Gain Followers

Attract like-minded people that want to engage with your brand

Follower count is the #1 statistic businesses use to gauge social media success. High numbers might be attractive, what’s the point if only 2% of your audience actually cares about your products?

Instead of buying followers or rapidly following others, our focus is on building you an organic audience; One that is legitimately interested in your brand and is excited to interact with your posts on a daily basis.

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Personalize Your
Cannabis Marketing.

Become an industry leader by growing your brand on social media.

Boost Sales

Convert customers by promoting to an audience that’s ready to buy

At the end of the day, social media activity is still about promoting your business. While your content should be casual and friendly, it still needs to boost interest in your product.

Not only does an organic following mean more interaction on your pages, but it also leads to much stronger sales. When you have a large number of followers that are passionate about your brand, every post becomes free, quality advertising!

Drive Traffic

Keep bringing social visitors back to your website and profit centers

The strategy is simple; engage an audience on social media, then guide them back to your website for detailed information on your business and product.

Social media activity is an important part of any SEO strategy, so by linking the right kinds of people from your social profiles to your site, we also increase the odds that more will find you in web searches as well.

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