13 Cannabis Software Tools to Boost Dispensary Sales

Owning a cannabis dispensary is an exciting and rewarding experience.

However, as with all new industries, it can be overwhelming to keep track of all of your business processes.

Whether it be tracking sales, inventory, payroll, or marketing, there are many companies that are offering new dispensary tools, apps and services to help your business succeed in the cannabis market.

Browse the full list of cannabis dispensary tools below, or choose the software you’re looking for to skip ahead:

  1. Inventory Management
  2. Market Research
  3. Wholesale Platforms
  4. Menus & Displays
  5. Delivery Services
  6. Payment Processing/Financial

Dispensary Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management is one of the most important and time-consuming aspects of running a dispensary.

Many companies have created management apps and programs that can help not only keep track of your inventory, but also gather metrics to help you realize sales trends, track sales, and create the best marketing strategy for your cannabis business.

Baker is the most used inventory management tool for dispensaries across the country. They offer a host of services, including sales tracking, digital marketing, promotions, and sales analytics. They also offer an app that keeps all of this data updated in real time.

Baker also offers an in-depth loyalty program, offering flat cash rewards to customers based off of the frequency of visits to your dispensary versus dollars spent, increasing traffic to your store and keeping customers coming back for years to come.

IndicaOnline is an inventory management and POS system that not only offers the full suite of sales tracking, ordering software, and personnel and customer management, it also includes tech support for medical marijuana dispensaries.

With their instant Patient and Physician Verification, the system automatically verifies a new patient and saves their records, updating in real time!

IndicaOnline is also completely integrated with State medical boards. Enter a physician’s license number and get immediate verification that they are properly licensed and registered.

Marijuana Market Research

As the cannabis market expands, so too does the level of competition. Keeping up with what your customers want and when they want it is crucial to your business maintaining its visibility and getting customers in your dispensary.

1. Headset

Headset monitors world-wide sales to gather real time insights into market trends. This allows you to find detailed information on what products are selling best and where.

Headset tracks 10 different categories and over 70 subcategories to give you a detailed view on the best opportunities to increase your brand position.

Google Analytics is the largest analytics source out there. With it, you can track your website traffic, including who is visiting, where they are, and how they are finding your site among a ton of other options.

These statistics are vital to gaining a more complete understanding of your clientele as well as how your SEO is performing.

Cannabis Wholesale Platforms

Whether you are a dispensary keeping up your supply to the public or a grower looking to sell your crop, online wholesale markets offer the best opportunity to find the right partnerships to help your cannabusiness thrive.

Leaflink is the largest online wholesale marketplace for cannabis. Their vendor menus are always up-to-the-minute. Their all-in-one sales engine allows you to track your sales history and reorder your favorite products.

The best part? It is free for retailers!

Apex Trading boast a ton of options for retailers to sort through to find the exact product or grower that they are looking for. They also show in depth price comparisons for all of the products sold through their platform.

Their Inventory Management tool can automatically keep track of and update your on your stock, allowing you to check your inventory at a glance!

Dispensary Menus and Displays

Your menu is one of the most important customer-facing materials you have at your disposal for your dispensary. With a digital menu, not only are you able to update your products and prices on the fly, but you can utilize a sleek design that keeps with your brand identity and captivates your consumers’ eye.

Elemntal allows you or their in-house designers to create a fully customizable menu to fit your brand, then update it from any of your internet-connected devices. These menus can be presented on any display with an HDMI input and ethernet connection.

Bud Bytes integrates with Leafly and Wikileaf or your Point of Sale to unify your menus across multiple platforms (Your online menu, app, website and digital menu display). Update your prices or inventory on one platform, and they will automatically adjust across the board! They also offer easy to use drag and drop custom templates to best suit your brand.

With Proteus 420, you can create you own personalized profile to use to for custom online orders. Up-to-date compliancy is guaranteed with built in reporting to all major agencies.

They also boast an in-app delivery system to integrate into your dispensary!

Cannabis Delivery Services

Delivery services are the future of cannabis commerce. Delivery services allow for a huge section of potential customers who may not be able to normally get access your products, be it proximity to your dispensary, mobility or health issues.

1. Eaze

Ease is the largest and fastest growing cannabis and CBD delivery company in the nation with millions of users looking for great products nationwide! Their network and online menu allows for your products to be promoted and purchased from anywhere within the zip code that your product is sold.

Greenrush offers an extremely in-depth search filter, allowing you to sort by product, effect, or dispensary. As a Dispensary, you can use this tool to promote a wide range of products to the discerning customer, providing information about the various products you offer to show that you have exactly what they are looking for.

Dispensary Payment Processing & Financial Services

One of the largest hurdles between buyers and sellers in the cannabis space is that it is largely a cash-only industry. This not only complicates matters for the dispensary customer, but can make for a hassle in tracking business finances.

Thankfully, there are some companies out there that are paving the way for alternative transactions in this increasingly paperless world.

1. CanPay

CanPay is the first and one of the most widely used debit payment platforms for the cannabis space. There are no middlemen; the payment goes straight from the customer to the business. Their platform allows for legitimate, cashless purchases and is free to use!

2. Wurk

Wurk is designed for cannabis companies to be able to process and track your employee’s payroll. They provide automated payroll services with direct deposit as well as automated tax filing. Wurk pride themselves on keeping your company in compliance with the ever-changing laws at local, state, and federal levels.

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