Multi-Device Design

Deliver a perfect experience across laptop, tablet, and mobile screens with a responsive cannabis website design

Your customers are everywhere. They’re at home, in the car, on vacation, and they’re looking for your business online. Can they find the information they need?

Every cannabis website designed by KindTyme is responsive, developed to fit any screen size at any time. So no matter what your visitors are doing, they’ll have full access to finding, learning about, and contacting you.

Ohana Canna's cannabis farm website design on phone and tablet

Digital Tools

Built-in features that support business goals and improve customer experience

Every cannabusiness has its own set of marketing demands. Make sure your website is designed with the right set of tools to meet them!

All cannabis web design packages offer a selection of customized features to suit your specific needs. Choose from interactive maps, newsletter signups, photo galleries, ratings systems, and much more.

Interested in linking internal systems to your marijuana company website?
Visit our Tech Solutions page.

Events page cannabis website design example for law firm

Make Your Website Work for You.

Boost sales with a custom, marketing-driven web strategy.

Search Engine Optimization

Help people find you by bringing in more traffic and improving Google rankings

A breath-taking website design won’t do much good if no one can find it! That’s why every website we design comes 100% SEO-ready, with the right structure and base to build an excellent web performance.

For those who are serious about boosting their online visibility fast, we also offer advanced on-site optimization and comprehensive off-site strategies.

Mobile experience of a cannabis lab website design

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