As a premier cannabis flower & concentrate brand, Apollo Grown knows that the little details matter. Their team takes careful consideration in everything they do, from self-sustainable farming to using top-of-the-line equipment. So when it comes to design, they also want the best of the best.

Launch & Growth of a premier

The Apollo Grown team approached us preparing for their new business, while they were still waiting for a license and laying the basic foundations for their vision.

We were excited to flesh out this unique, Greek-themed brand and set it in motion online. Our goal: help Apollo Grown enter the market with a “bang” and quickly turn them into a competitor among successful, established companies.

Custom Design

In order for any brand to flourish, it must be decorated with images that captivate and inspire.

As a new brand, Apollo Grown didn’t have many existing visuals that would do this. So we created custom graphics to use throughout their website, packaging, merchandise, and social media, designed to mimic the traditional style of Greek friezes and architecture.

Full Greek-inspired graphic design scene


Apollo is the god of the sun, and we wanted the same imagery to play a role in the package design as well.

A sun-shaped window displays their concentrates from the front, while the kaleidoscope box design allows sunlight to peer through the back for a full, detailed look at the product.

White & gold cannabis concentrate packaging designed for Apollo Grown
Shatter and wax package designed for Apollo Grown
Oil cartridge package designed for Apollo Grown

Paper Display

What is gorgeous packaging without a stand-out presentation?

Designed as a retail display for marijuana dispensaries, the Apollo Grown display can fit up to 12 cartridge and 6 concentrate products at once. Its dimensions were created to fit in the traditional glass store cases, making this dispensary display a great choice as both an on-counter or in-case exhibit.

Gold & black custom display for Apollo Grown concentrate & cartridges
360 view of Apollo Grown cannabis retail display
Closeup of Apollo Grown cannabis retail display

Custom Display

Forget the boring retail experience! This greek pillar display is impossible to miss, and hard to forget.

Fully concepted and 3D modelled by our team, the individual-package display was created for special product cases and dispensaries with limited shelf space. It was constructed as a two-part design, twisting in the middle to reveal a small flashlight insert. When fully assembled, the light will shine through the kaleidoscope packaging, showcasing the details of the concentrate products within.

Digital 3D render of Apollo Grown column package display
Closeups of Apollo Grown column box display
Custom packaging and column box display designed for Apollo Grown

Website Design

As a new business, the main objective of the Apollo Grown website was to inform potential customers and retailers about their products. But it also needed to bring in new traffic, so they could grow quickly and efficiently without needing to worry about 24/7 active sales.

Concentrate focused website design


To prepare for industry events, we were tasked with designing a handful of branded shirts that people would be excited to wear. The result was a complete line of both male & female targeted apparel that Apollo Grown struggles to keep in-stock.

KT quote graphic

“[KindTyme] has exceeded everything that we had expected. Not only did they get things done that were needed, they went far and beyond. Plus, they have taken the time to give us good feedback and marketing consulting… If the scale was 1-10, I’d definitely give [KindTyme] a ten!”

– Jared, Apollo Grown

KT quote graphic