As a cannabis lifestyle brand offering pre-rolls and flower, UKU seeks to appeal to customers’ sense of adventure and fellowship, focusing less on the products themselves and more on the life experiences they offer.

Creating a new
Lifestyle Cannabis Brand

We started working with UKU at it’s brand conception, without any existing design or identity to take into consideration.

Working with a name that reflects the Estonian god of the sky and the harvest, our team set out to create a nature-centric cannabis brand that felt relatable and lifestyle-oriented.


The final UKU logo design was a collaboration between the KindTyme team and UKU’s marketing partners. Our contribution lied heavily in the conceptualization, arrangements and design of the logo, while final colors and fonts were selected externally.

uku cannabis logo design concepts
uku cannabis logo design concept
uku cannabis logo design

Website Design

As a new brand, the goal of UKU’s website design was to attract new customers and dispensary buyers, while offering thorough information on the products they offer. The cannabis website is rich with lifestyle imagery, bold colors, and a slanted, zig-zag layout that mimics the lines in the logo design.

Uku cannabis website design