Cannaman Farms by KindTyme: A Website Design & Development Project
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Based in southern Washington, Cannaman Farms emphasizes quality over quantity. By producing only a handful of select cannabis strains and focusing on small, hands-on batches of bubble hash, customers can truly see, smell, and taste the difference!

A new cannabis website with custom farm imagery

After years of running a successful cannabis farm, the team at Cannaman Farms was ready for a digital upgrade. Their old website provided little room for active changes, so they were hoping we could build them something that was both easy to use and flexible enough for future growth.

Website Design

Cannaman Farms Website Homepage

With their sights set on a single-page layout, our team was faced with the challenge of covering all essential info without boring their visitors. The result was an interactive website that relies on user interaction to deliver content at exactly the right times.

Hidden Content

At first glance, the website is clean and minimal. But once a visitor hovers or clicks on certain areas, new information will appear.

Cannaman Farms Website Hover Effects

Retailers Map

Most wholesale businesses should display where to find their products. This custom Google map gives one-click directions to every cannabis retailer on the list!

Cannaman Farms Website Retailers Map

Strains (Ratings)

Every strain grown by Cannaman is featured on it’s own page, complete with an image, description, and 5-star ratings system.

Cannaman Farms Website Strains Page


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