Ario Vape is an all-in-one, customizable vaporizer perfect for all types of cannabis connoisseurs. Since customer experience is their top priority, their marketing focus is driven by providing a range of valuable information from using their products to proper vaping practices.

Website Design

Rebuilding a DIY website

When we first met the Ario Vape team, their Squarespace website was 100% designed and maintained in-house. They expressed frustration with the entire process, and was hoping that we could help them build a solid foundation that would successfully inform their visitors about the products and convert them into happy customers.

Working with a smaller budget and unable to move off of Squarespace, the main focus of this project was on layout. We rearranged their current website for a more efficient structure and a cohesive design, while paying strong attention to the thing that matters most: sales conversions.

Although they needed an upgrade, the Ario team was still looking for a full ability to edit their website. This changes how we approach some aspects of design and development, but is an option for any of our clients.

Cannabis vaporizer website design

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“Wonderful to work with and quick to respond. I appreciated the time [KindTyme] took to explain certain unfamiliar aspects of web design and development. That was invaluable.”

– Demelza, Ario Vape

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