An already established
Cannabis law firm
in Washington and Oregon,

NWMJ Law (Northwest Marijuana Law) was looking to branch out into new states. In order to do so, they needed to rebrand into an identity that didn’t restrict them to any specific region.


Knowing that they wanted a clean, modern, and bold new branding design, the NWMJ team brought us their new name – 7 Point Law – and the rebrand began.

Logo Design

Revolving around the concept of the seven points in a cannabis leaf, the 7 Point Law logo is a simple wordmark with a distinct design addition. It’s colorful and fun, but still professional and inviting, as any legal firm logo should be.

Geometry of the 7 Point Law logo design
7 Point Law logo design in 3D
7 Point Law logo design

Brand Design

7 Point Law’s branding expands on the circle concept from their logo, into an identity design that is truly one-of-a-kind! Their backgrounds, charts, and content all use the same layout, wrapping the brand design into a neat package that others will quickly recognize.

Typography design for 7 Point Law branding
Custom patterns designed for 7 Point Law brand
Four custom icons for 7 Point Law's marketing message

Business Cards

There are two goals for a business card design: Make a strong first impression, and subtly convince people to keep the card on-hand.

By using sturdy metal material that combines unique design with the functionality of a grinder, these cards do just that. Even we surprised ourselves with this one!

Metal cannabis grinder card design by KindTyme
Closeup of metal grinder card design
Metal business card design by KindTyme


There are a lot of restrictions placed on marijuana attorneys, so we needed to put practicality (and legality) first when creating ads for 7 Point Law. A matching print ad and standing banner were created for their future promotions.

Advertising materials for 7 Point Law brand redesign

Website Design

Building off their original site, the new 7 Point Law website design includes much of the same information, but with a whole new look. Our focus wasn’t only on redesigning the colors & images, it was also on redesigning the user experience to make it easier for both visitors and the legal team to navigate.

Cannabis law firm website design