Cannabis Branding: 10 Examples of Excellent Design

As a new industry, very few cannabis businesses have reached the point of mastering a powerful, cohesive brand design. But the ones that have are leading the way, proving that quality cannabis branding is worth the time & effort for the amazing results it brings.

Here are ten amazing marijuana brands with cannabis design that really works:



With geometric cuts and colorful paint-like smears on their chocolates, the Altai brand almost feels like an art installation. When combined with the identity design and logo, their overall branding creates a creative, rustic appeal that is both youthful and classic.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 4.48.50 PM

Logo: Tribal, stencil-style
Graphics: Floral, earthy
Font: Classic serif, accented by bold & san-serif
Color: Gold, browns, and reds
Packaging: Light, retro and earthy
Product: Geometric shapes, splatter paint color

See Altai’s brand in action at



A bold, vibrant brand, the contrast used throughout Bhang’s brand of cannabis-infused chocolates helps it feel both professional and boisterous, creating a look that’s sure to stand out on every shelf!

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 4.42.54 PMLogo: Graffiti-styled typography
Graphics: Asymmetrical
Font: Modern san-serif in thin and bold
Color: Black with accents of various bright colors
Packaging: Simple & modern
Product: Varies, stays consistent with color schemes

See Bhang’s brand in action at


Dixie Elixirs

The Dixie brand is a beautiful example of how branding doesn’t need to restrict your design. By applying their heavy use of line and pattern, they’ve been able to create products- and even packaging- that are different in every way, while still upholding a seamless unity that fits within the same brand design. Dixie Elixer Cannabis Brand Design

Logo: Line-styled typography
Graphics: Eccentric patterns
Font: Varies between products
Color: White & silver, color accents vary between products
Packaging: Simple & clean, with varying color accents
Product: Designed on an individual basis

See Dixie’s brand in action at



Emphasizing nature and adventure within the brand, Elevate Cannabis Co’s combination of outdoor imagery with bold graphic design makes it feel bright and upbeat while still keeping a cool, classy appeal.Examples of Elevate Cannabis Branding

Logo: Cursive typography & line-based shape combo
Graphics: Retro, bold
Font: Round, elegant
Color: Primary colors
Packaging: Clean, refreshing and bright
Product: Natural (cannabis flowers)

See Elevate’s brand in action at



How do you make a brand feel elite? The designers of IVXX know the answer, and it’s in the details. By contrasting a black & white scheme against gold lettering and bold colors, this brand feels rich and royal without going overboard.

IVXX Packaging DesignLogo: Capital typography with shape container
Graphics: Subtle lines and patterns
Font: Contrasting long and short san-serif
Color: Bright colors, black gradients & gold lettering
Packaging: Artistic, bold, sleek
Product: Natural (cannabis flowers & concentrates)

See IVXX’s brand in action at


Leafs by Snoop

Snoop has always had a way of seeming approachable, and his cannabis brand is in no way different! The beachy elements and light, upbeat style of Leafs by Snoop’s design is very welcoming, but keeps the very relaxing, cool vibe that the rapper is known for.

Examples of Leafs by Snoop Cannabis BrandingLogo: Marijuana-centric with typography overlay
Graphics: Bright, environmental 
Font: Capital san-serif
Color: Pastel bright colors
Packaging: Simple and earthy
Product: Varies, stays consistent with color schemes

See Leafs by Snoop’s brand in action at


Legal by Mirth Provisions

It makes sense for a beer brand to look like a beer brand, but Legal cannabis-infused beverages has done a remarkable job of looking like one without actually fitting the part! They’ve combined classic beer packaging elements with modern trends, creating a design that’s truly unique and outstanding.

Examples of Legal BrandingLogo: Regal-styled typography
Graphics: Minimalistic 
Font: Classic serif
Color: Black & white, subtle use of primary colors
Packaging: Angular, asymmetrical
Product: Familiar, simplistic

See Legal’s brand in action at


Lola Lola

This up-and-coming brand obviously strives to stay creative and fun, and it shows in everything they produce! Their playful use of 3D elements, geometry, and bright pastel colors build a very retro appeal while still maintaining a modern look and feel, making Lola Lola a marijuana brand all its own.

Examples of Lola & Lola Cannabis BrandingLogo: Color-alternating typography
Graphics: Geometric, environmental
Font: Retro san-serif
Color: Bright, vibrant colors
Packaging: Creative, modern
Product: Natural (cannabis flowers)

See Lola Lola’s brand in action at



As a subscription box service, Potbox had the challenge of creating a strong brand design that could flow over into a non-obnoxious delivery box. Their natural and modern look does just that, combining simple elements and understated colors in a way that’s memorable without being overwhelming.

Examples of PotBox Branding & Packaging DesignLogo: Simple letter with shape container
Graphics: 2-Dimensional, natural
Font: Mix of serif and san-serif
Color: Beige and red
Packaging: Environmental, texture-driven
Product: Natural (cannabis flowers)

See Potbox’s brand in action at



A very naturalistic brand, Wyld has successfully combined realistic illustrations with modern appeal. Their identity is unique and memorable, while their packaging is designed to make the product feel both intriguing and familiar.Wyld Cannabis Branding Package Design

Logo: Modern
Graphics: Illustrative
Font: Mix of serif and capital san-serif
Color: Soft,  natural colors
Packaging: Geometric w/ minimalistic imagery
Product: Varies in color and shape

See Wyld’s brand in action at



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