Christmas gift ideas for cannabis lovers

Top 12 Gift Ideas for Cannabis Businesses

Each year, as the holidays creep closer, every business is left with the same nagging question:

What can I get my clients / customers / employees that they’ll actually use?

Choosing the “right” business gift can be quite the daunting task. There are certain etiquette guidelines that should be considered, as well as the value impact of the gift.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all gift, especially when it comes to your clients. But we’ve come up with a few ideas that should help get you started this holiday season!


B2C Gift Ideas

One of the best ways to market your business is to make a lasting impression with your customers. Help them to feel good about your company, and you’ll be sure to stay in the forefront of their minds!

Ignite lighter gift idea

Flameless Lighter

Rechargeable? Check. No need for fuel? Check. Various sleek designs? Definitely check. Great for everything from candles to joints, flameless lighters are an awesome multi-use holiday gift!

Personally, I recommend Ignite Lighters. Not only will these lighters last forever, but they also have a USB port for digital file storage! You can pick up some for your customers at

Cannabis gift idea

Smoke Buddy Jr.

Let’s face it, smoke of any kind is pretty pungent. Ideal for smokers who don’t want the world to know they’re smokers, the Smoke Buddy is a great present for consumers of any kind!

Kush cannabis card gift idea


If you have a lot of customers, getting each of them a personalized gift may not be possible. Luckily, KushKards offers a variety of smokeable (and relatively cheap) holiday cards!

To forgo an physical joint in the card, you can substitute a joint-shaped candle or rolled up gift certificate.

Sale price tag graphic

Super Awesome Deal

If you’re a lifestyle brand or other far-reaching company, you can’t feasibly get all your customers a personalized gift!

Instead, consider cutting them a sweet, exclusive deal on your products. Not only does this help make them feel appreciated, it drives traffic to your store!

B2B Gift Ideas

If your work falls in the business-to-business category (law firm, marketing/advertising, ancillary product sales, etc), gift options can feel pretty limited. Whether you’re shopping for an office as a whole, or just the owner(s), just remember that your gift is for their tastes, not yours or your brands!

Metallic cannabis painting gift idea

Wall Art

No matter what type of business your gifting, a tasteful decoration is always welcome! Choose art that reflects your clients’ brands to let them know you’re paying attention, and are willing to be a part of their internal culture as well.

Our pick of the season is this Cannabis Leaf Acrylic Painting on Etsy. Elegant enough to hang in most offices, this hand-painted metallic leaf is sure to snag a prime spot on the wall!


Smoke accessories gift idea

Traveling Case

Have a client that frequently travels to meetings and networking events? Smoking travel cases like the ones Black Rock and AnnaBis offers are the perfect gift idea!

With hard cases and scent-proof pouches, these convenient accessories will definitely help keep their stash safe on a variety of adventures.


Woman getting massage


What fellow business owner manages to be stress-free enough to turn down a message? Whether cannabis-infused or not, a gift card to a local message therapist won’t go un-appreciated.

Oregon cannabis product assortment

Other Customers’ Products

If you work with different types of canna-businesses, this is a great way to help your clients feel connected to you and to each other!

The idea is a sort of White Elephant, where you give an assortment of other clients’ products, specifically tailored to the client you’re gifting. Not only are you giving them something that was hand-crafted just for them, but you may also be offering some valuable business connections too.

Employee Gift Ideas

Want to show your team they’re appreciated, but not sure what to get them? Whether you’ve got a larger team or a smaller one, we’ve got a few ideas to get you started!


Weed daily calendar

Weed-Themed Calendar

If you’re a fan of the “Learn Something New Every Day” mentality, this would be a great gift to adorn your employees desks. Besides, who doesn’t want a daily fun fact about everybody’s favorite green flower?

Weed 2017 Daily Calendar: 365 More Things You Didn’t Know (or Remember) about Cannabis

Cannabis smoking accessories

Monthly Subscription Service

Often filled with useful items (and sometimes tasty snacks), monthly subscriptions are the gift that keeps giving. Some only operate in certain areas (such as PotBox in San Fransisco and L.A.), but most don’t contain any actual cannabis products and can be shipped anywhere.

Check out Stashbox, PufferBox, Hemper & 420 Goody Box for a good variety of options!


Hemp scarf gift idea

Hemp Clothing & Accessories

You may have an employee who enjoys being a part of the industry but chooses not to partake. Or maybe you don’t want to promote a business culture centered around cannabis consumption.

For a less blatant cannabis-related gift, items made from organic hemp is a great choice! Look at HempestRecreator and JungMaven for ideas, or even offer your employees gift cards so they can pick their own.


Herb cookbook

Cannabis Cookbook

Your employees don’t need to be cooking pros to enjoy a homemade cannabis dish!

Great for novices and experts alike, a medible cookbook will encourage your employees to get creative at home. We’re featuring HERB, but there are plenty of canna-cookbooks out there!


How do I know which is the right gift?

No matter what type of gift you decide on, the biggest thing to remember is that it should be personalized to its recipient. Your gift won’t mean nearly as much to them if it’s not something they like or would use! A holiday present is meant to reinforce your relationship with your clients and employees, so be willing to take the little bit of extra time if it means your gift will make a difference this holiday season!

Bonnie Leigh

As a designer at KindTyme, I work closely with our Lead Designer on both internal and external design projects. I love working to find new, innovative ways to design for cannabusinesses, and I can’t wait to see how the industry evolves!

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