Irresistibowl by KindTyme: A Branding, Logo & Website Demo
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Irresistibowl is a complex eCommerce demo website created by our team in order to showcase different web store options. It was designed to mimic a lifestyle cannabis brand, complete with branded merchandise and interest-based blog articles.


Although it’s a demo brand, our team still wanted Irresistibowl to look and feel like the real thing. We designed a logo and color scheme based on our vision for this fake company: a modern, classic brand for the everyday cannabis connoisseur.


Irresistibowl Primary Logos
Irresistibowl Logo Design

The Irresistibowl logo is simple yet unforgettable. Reminiscent of a glass pipe, the design works perfectly within the wordmark or as a stand-alone symbol.

Website Design

Irresistibowl Website Homepage

Unlike the information-based websites that our team typically builds, the Irresistibowl site was created as a robust online store solution for a variety of product types and categories.

Multiple Product Categories

Sell more than one item? Than product categories are for you! Use them to keep items organized by type, color, size, and much more.

Irresistibowl Website Shopping Categories

Product Comparisons

For shoppers, the ability to match one item against another can make all the difference. Not only will this reduce the overall number of returns, but statistically it’s proven to increase on-site sales as well!

Irresistibowl Website Product Comparison Page

Shopping Accounts

Give your customers the ultimate shopping experience with personalized accounts! Let them create wish lists, track order history, and check out with an easy 2-step process.

Irresistibowl Website Shopping Accounts
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