Irresistibowl is a complex eCommerce demo website created by our team in order to showcase different web store options. It was designed to mimic a lifestyle cannabis brand, complete with branded merchandise and interest-based blog articles.


Although it’s a demo brand, our team still wanted Irresistibowl to look and feel like the real thing.

We designed a logo and color scheme based on our vision for this fake company: a modern, classic brand for the everyday cannabis connoisseur.

Brand typography design


The Irresistibowl logo is simple yet unforgettable.

Reminiscent of a glass pipe, the design works perfectly within the wordmark or as a stand-alone symbol.

Irresistibowl cannabis logo design

Website Design

Unlike the information-based websites that our team typically builds, the Irresistibowl site was created as a robust online store solution for a variety of product types and categories.

Irresistibowl cannabis brand demo